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Love Them Students

MONday - 19/05/2014 12:38
Love Them Students

Love Them Students

The poem "Love Them Students" by the Ven. Giac Hanh. Translated from Vietnamese.

Every time we come across obstacles
A mountain or river we need to pass 
But without enough food or warm clothes 
We pity ourselves for a hard life
Today looking back I remember 
I remember a childhood of innocence
Off to school in the early morning
With hope that life will be better. 
Try your best oh my dear !
Whether life is rough don't despair
As days pass life will change 
A good future awaits you. 
Reflecting upon my childhood I empathize with you 
When it is getting late at night
But you are still deep in study
With the hope to one day overcome the darkness.

Author: Ven. Dr. Giac Hanh

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