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Hand of Compassion Charity

The Hand of Compassion Charity (aka Ban Tay Cuu Kho) is established in order to help people around the world who are facing challenges in different facets of life. Especially, our charity focuses on helping clergy students here and abroad, the elderly, orphans, the handicapped, poor but promising students, homeless people, patients lacking medical care, and so on….  

With my loving-kindness and compassion, the plight of the underprivileged has always been on my mind and deep in my heart ever since my leaving home to become a Buddhist monk.  However, partly due to my studies, I haven’t had the opportunity to act upon it, until now.   It is now the time for me to fulfill one of my life-long dreams.  I, therefore, request some of my disciples and friends to establish this Charity.

With this ambitious endeavor, on behalf of the Hand of Compassion Charity, I would like to request all of the compassionate and kindhearted friends and relatives, followers of other faiths, and others around the world to give a small hand to support our charity in order to help bring joy and peace to the unfortunate people in this world.   

In closing, on behalf of the Hand of Compassion Charity, I would like to sincerely thank all of you for your support, may you always be blessed with happiness, health, peace, success, and longevity.


The Ven. Dr. Giac Hanh